Raichu is a BC real estate developer with 10+ years experience in building homes. We’re dedicated to enriching communities through thoughtful architecture.

About Us

Raichu comes from a rewarding past of building luxury single-family homes in the Fraser Valley, BC. Today, we develop multi-family properties in a market that calls for well-planned, smarter density. And Raichu Development Group is local, period.

Back in 2007, we were the ones to dig the first shovel into the ground for the foundation of a custom home. We nailed the final shingle onto the roof. We were there every step of the way to make sure every detail was finished to the highest standard, and we always will be.

What We Believe

More than ten years of knowledge and hands-on experience governs our venture into real estate development.

Craftsmanship is above all.

We don’t leave finishes to third parties, and we personally walk through each home with its new owner. We believe in accountability. It is our responsibility to deliver the quality every time.

What We Promise

Raichu Development Group strives to enhance the daily lifestyle of everyone that lives in our buildings. We aim to enrich the communities we build in through thoughtful architecture. In a city where convention can be king in real estate, Raichu stands apart.

And we constantly build on our experience and evolve as the landscape of Vancouver changes.